Employment in Brookvale Healthcare


Karen is one of the Group’s essential ancillary team members. Currently working as Domestic Team Leader at Farehaven Lodge, Karen originally joined the Home in 1988 as a member in the domestic team. She now manages a team of 7 individuals and was nominated for the Farehaven Lodge Employee of the Year in 2006.

“I was initially employed to work at Farehaven Lodge after hearing by word of mouth that the Home was looking for someone to join the domestic team. It was the first time that I had worked in a care home but I really do enjoy working alongside the residents, and feel like I am doing something useful.

Partly due to my enjoyment of the contact that I have with the residents, I have also taken on responsibilities regarding preparing the residents breakfasts in the morning. To this end, I have completed courses on Health and Hygiene and on Food Hygiene, as well as an NVQ in Cleaning. I know that if I wish to study other courses, I only need to discuss this with my management. I know that they will listen to me and are approachable in the event that I should need something.

Brookvale Healthcare is very fair and it is a good Group to work for. Any changes that are made, are certainly made for the better and to ensure the proper care of the residents. At Farehaven Lodge, the staff are friendly and I believe that we are approachable for families and for residents should they have a problem. I do feel supported by both Farehaven Lodge and the Group, and I am very happy in what I do.”