Bev works as the Manager’s Assistant at Brackenlea. She has worked at Brackenlea since 2000, and won the Brackenlea Employee of the Year award in 2006.

“Before working in care, I was an account manager in a completely unrelated field. After doing this for several years, I felt that I needed a total change in direction in terms of my career primarily because I did not find my role at all rewarding. My first major role in a care home came when I joined Brackenlea as a Care Assistant – I had a really good feeling about the home, and everyone seemed so friendly. Over time, I have realised that my first impressions have been borne out, and the respect that is attributed to me from my colleagues, my management, the residents and their families certainly makes me feel very appreciated for what I do. I have no hesitation in saying that it really is an honour and a privilege to work at Brackenlea.

Since joining Brackenlea, I have been offered many opportunities to advance my career. I have been promoted twice – to Senior Carer, and most recently to Manager’s Assistant - and each time found my colleagues to be 100% supportive of my promotion. To assist me with the greater responsibility required in each of these more senior roles, my management has always encouraged me to enhance my professional development. To this end, I shall also shortly be commencing my NVQ4, having already completed the first three stages.

Since Brookvale Healthcare took over the running of Brackenlea, it is clear that the Group has undertaken a great deal of reinvestment back into the home, to increase the comfort of the residents and to make work easier for the staff. I personally believe it is paramount that we provide excellent care for our elderly residents, and I know that Brookvale Healthcare would find this is to be of principal importance too”.