Types Of Care Offered

The types of care offered in our homes vary across our different facilities. Below please find a basic description of the various types of care offered in our facilities.

Residential Care

Residential Care Homes provide accommodation, meals, laundry services, and personal care to residents (assistance with washing, bathing, toileting, etc). Residential Care Homes work at providing services for those who are not able to cope at home or would appreciate the social network and support that our care facilities provide. The minimum age for admission is 65; however, some homes may admit residents younger than that. You should check with the individual home to see if it is registered to do so.

Nursing Care

Nursing Homes provide all the facilities of a Residential Care Home with one main difference. Nursing Homes have Registered Nurses in 24 hour attendance to offer more specialist nursing intervention to those residents requiring it.

Dementia Care

Many of our homes cater for residents suffering from dementia related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease. Our staff have been trained to manage such conditions and our environments adapted to meet the needs of residents suffering from these illnesses. Dementia Care is offered in both, our Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes. You should view our individual care home web pages to see if they offer dementia care facilities.

Palliative And Terminal Care

This type of care refers to people who are terminally and/or severely ill. This type of compassionate care focuses on ensuring the individual is comfortable and free from pain. This approach extends to dealing with friends and family in times of bereavement and grief. These services are offered in our Nursing Homes and many of the staff in our Residential Homes have been trained in this field as well.

Respite Care

Respite Care refers to short term care, quite often for 1 – 4 weeks. This type of care often allows primary care givers to have a break or assures that care is given whilst there is no care giver available. Some of our homes have dedicated respite rooms whilst others will offer it if a room is vacant. This service is offered in both, our Nursing Homes and our Residential Homes.