Looking for care


Please read the following letter recently recieved....

I write following the anticipated residency of my step-father into Brookvale House on Tuesday afternoon and the most unfortunate, unforseen circumstances that followed his arrival.

I had worked really hard to find a placement for him and of the nine homes I visited, I knew immediately that either Brookvale Lawn or Brookvale House would be my choice, finally settling for Brookvale House.

Your two care homes are immaculately presented and the few residents I did see seemed most content to be in residence.

My reason for writing is to say "Thank You" to yourself, initially for my first visit when trying to make my choice, your very helpful information at that meeting and your most courtesy manner. A privilege to have me you.

May I please ask you on my behalf, to thank all the staff who were involved in the attempt to get my step father to calm down and as we had hoped, to accept Brookvale as his new home. These thanks are also conveyed to your new maintenance man who was on the scene and tried to help.

Your staff were and are exemplary in their helpfulness and compassion and I am sure must be really proud of such a dedicated team.

Earlier today I collected my step fathers things from the room that was to be his and even then your staff members offered me tea, asked after my welbeing and helpd to carry the things to a waitimng care.

A very BIG THANK YOU to everyone concerned.

Once again, I thank you and your staff for all the compassion, concern, helpfulness and courtesy shown to me during a situation that I found extremely difficult to deal with.