The Pre-Admission Assessment

Once you have visited our care homes and feel comfortable that they are the right place for your loved ones, the Care Manager will ask to arrange a pre-admission assessment. The Care Manager will usually request that this assessment is carried out where the potential resident currently is. This will ensure that during the assessment, the resident is as relaxed as they can be as it will be carried out in familiar surroundings. The Care Manager will normally also request that the family is present during the assessment. It is very important for us at Brookvale Healthcare that the family is present and active in all stages of care planning for their loved ones.

The pre-admission assessment serves many different purposes. Some of these purposes are outlined below:

  • The assessment allows your loved ones to meet at least one member of the staff team before they move into the home. This way, there will be some level of familiarity before they move in.
  • The assessment allows the care home to gain a detailed understanding about an individuals care needs before they move in. This way, the home can begin developing a care plan before a resident moves in, ensuring that the staff at the home are adequately prepared from the first day a resident arrives to the home.
  • The assessment allows a Care Manager to conduct a detailed analysis about an individual’s needs and can confirm that their particular care facility is the right place for your loved one. If not, they will be able to inform you immediately and possibly recommend alternate facilities for you to visit and evaluate.

Once the pre-admission assessment is complete and successful, the Care Manager will speak with you about the best time for your loved one to move in.