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Admission Day

The first day at a care home can be a stressful experience. Our staff will work as diligently as they can to ensure that the first day for yourself and your loved one goes as smoothly as possible. The following are events you can expect to occur on your first day at one of our care facilities.

  • A member of staff will be present (most often the one you met at the pre-admission assessment) to greet you when you arrive and show you to your room and, if possible, help you with bringing all your loved one’s personal effects inside. 
  • You both will be offered a tour of premises and encouraged to settle in with refreshments after meeting some of the other residents and members of staff.
  • The Care Manager will discuss various issues of care with yourself and your loved one. These items of care will revolve around the care plan and include items such as medication, registration with doctors, diet, and various care needs. We consider the involvement of residents and their families in our care planning process vital to the delivery of good care. Furthermore, if it has not been discussed already, the Care Manager will discuss financial arrangements with you and ensure that you have a copy of your contract.
  • The resident will be allowed to relax and adjust to the new settings and their families will be reminded of our “any time” visitation policy.