Residents Charter Of Rights

Residents of Brookvale Healthcare shall have the right:

  1. To retain their personal dignity and independence irrespective of their physical or mental infirmity.
  2. To have skilled, sensitive care to enable them to achieve the highest possible quality of life.
  3. To have their social, emotional, religious, cultural, political and sexual needs accepted and respected.
  4. To have their personal dignity respected.
  5. To be consulted about daily living arrangements in the Home and participate in discussions about any proposed changes to those arrangements.
  6. To be fully involved and fully informed about their individual assessment of need.
  7. To make informed choices about their future personal care plans.
  8. To have a regular view of their individual circumstances at which they have the right to be present.
  9. To be fully informed about the services provided by the Home and the services available from other agencies.
  10. To choose their own Medical Practitioner and Dentist and to consult them in private.
  11. To have the same access to facilities and services in the community as any other citizens.
  12. To make informed choice and responsibility for their own medication and make decisions about their medical treatment whenever possible.
  13. To manage their own financial and personal affairs whenever possible, otherwise relatives, Solicitors or Accountants.
  14. Not to be moved from one room to another without consultation.
  15. To have access to a formal complaints procedure and to be represented by a friend/ relation/ advisor if they so wish.

** The only restriction to the above are those legal ones necessary to provide the level of care residents need and where necessary to protect the Health and Safety of the resident and other residents.