Seven Arches Nursing Home

Essex’s Premier
Specialist Elderly &
Dementia Care

CM14 4JN

Seven Arches is Brookvale’s first home in Essex, and a proud addition to the family. We provide residential and nursing care for the elderly residents in and around Brentwood. Within our purpose built residential home, located within 1.5 acres of private yet verdant Essex countryside, we can provide you with the care you deserve. A recent rebuild and upgrade has created a modern and comfortable space designed around your needs and wants.

Who we care for

Seven Arches is a nursing home, which means that alongside our excellent team of carers, we have a crew of registered nurses – all of whom are specialists in elderly care – on each shift. Our staff are our lifeblood, and it is through their excellence that we are able to offer care equal to our ethos; Seven Arches is a home ‘where people matter.’ We provide care for clients over the age of 65, who need support with:

  • Physical or mental disabilities
  • Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Complex-care, whether short or long-term
  • Day-to-day care support
Accommodation and facilities

Seven Arches has been designed with elderly care in mind and each area – from the corridors to the lounges – are easily accessible.

Seven Arches Nursing Home Bedroom

Private bedrooms

The 30 private rooms, each coming fully furnished, are your space with us, and we encourage residents to decorate, furnish and otherwise change their rooms as they please.

Communal Areas

Alongside your own room, we have a large array of comfortable spaces either for relaxing in the company of others, or sharing a cup of tea with a friend. Our communal areas include:

  • The dining room – well-spaced and filled with comfortable furniture, our dining room serves snacks and drinks throughout the day, as well as beautifully cooked meals from our kitchens.
  • Two lounges – the first lounge is more of a social space, replete with a television and comfortable furniture. The second lounge is an area for quiet relaxation overlooking the gardens outside.
Seven Arches Nursing Home Communal Area
Seven Arches Nursing Home Garden

The Garden

Isolated in the Essex countryside, the garden surrounds the Home. Garden furniture is dotted about the grounds.

Care and Support

As much as we try to foster a friendly and casual attitude in the home, we take your care seriously. We understand that entering a home environment can be hugely stressful, and work hard to make sure that while you are with us your independence and personality are protected above all else. As such, your care plan is a collaboration between us and you; at Seven Arches we hold as sacrosanct your right to enjoy life as you wish. From the management team outwards, the team here at Seven Arches is exemplary, both in their skill and demeanour. The breadth of training they bring to the home allows us to offer a variety of care packages, including:

  • Short-term convalescent and respite care
  • Long-term nursing support
  • Long-term residential support
  • Palliative care

Residential Care

Nursing Care

Respite Care

Palliative Care

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