Looking for Care

The decision
to enter care


At Brookvale Healthcare we know the decision to seek professional care support will be a stressful one. Therefore, we consider it our responsibility to make the process as reassuring and easy as possible.

Our Registered Managers each have a wealth of experience in the transition into residential care, making them best placed to sit with both family members and potential residents to discuss the process in full. They will guide you through the process, from start to finish, addressing any concerns you have along the way. We want you to be entirely satisfied by the Brookvale introductory experience.

We invite you to browse through our homes to find the one you feel would best suit the needs of your loved one. Then, call the home and arrange a time to view and discuss any issues or concerns with the care home team.

Visiting a
care home


Each Brookvale home is unique, and some may suit you and your needs better than others. Equally, visiting a care home can be an overwhelming experience. When visiting our homes for a viewing, we would urge you to ask us as much as possible about the home:

  • Were you made to feel welcome?
  • Did the staff seem friendly?
  • Did your questions get answered?
  • Were you made to feel at ease?
  • Could you see your loved one as part of the community living within the home?
  • Were the staff informative?
  • Did you feel at ease when you left?



Once you have decided on the home for your loved one, the Registered Manager or part of their team will arrange for what we call a “Pre-Admission Assessment”. This allows a member of staff to meet the potential resident and ensure that the home is the correct choice for them, and that we can accommodate all their needs. If the resident lacks capacity, it is sometimes helpful for loved ones to be present at this stage as we aim to get all the information so that the transition period is as smooth as possible for the resident.

Once this process is completed and everyone is assured that this is the right placement for the resident, the home will arrange for them to be admitted. At all times throughout the process the Registered Manager will keep either the client or their loved ones informed and updated.


Residential Homes: This is a home that provides care 24/7 to your loved one. No trained nurses are employed within these homes, however the Registered Manager and their care staff have a wealth of experience and are all qualified to ensure the needs of our residents are met, with additional specialist training received where needed.

Nursing Homes: These homes provide all the facilities of our residential homes, however they have Registered Nurses within the building 24/7. More complex care needs are best accommodated by a nursing home.

Dementia Care: Many of our homes specialise in dementia care, however, two of our homes specialise in care for those who live with challenging behaviour: Mary Rose Manor and Ranvilles.

Palliative and End-of-Life Care: This can be provided in all our homes.

Respite Care: Subject to availability.



This can be a stressful experience for the resident and their loved ones. We within Brookvale Healthcare will ensure that this process is as stress free as possible. Our aim is to ensure that the resident feels welcomed and at home. This will, of course, take time. However we will be with you each step of the way, providing support through this stressful and difficult time.

We encourage the family members, if they wish, to come in prior to the admission date and place pictures or familiar items within the resident’s bedroom to encourage the resident to recognise the room as their own.

Remember, never feel frightened to ask questions or make suggestions. Our main concern is the well-being of our residents and their families.


The Next Steps

To discuss you care requirements further call us
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