Working for us


Working for Brookvale Healthcare is about working in a team of highly qualified, enthusiastic individuals, committed to ensuring excellence in all aspects of their service provision.

Though the group has grown at a phenomenal rate since its inception, the focus throughout has been on providing a warm, homely environment in which we are able to fully meet our residents needs, and in which all our employees are given the opportunity to assume a wide remit of responsibility and fully develop their careers. It is paramount that each of our team members feels passionately about fulfilling this agenda, and by stepping into any one of our Care Homes, you will immediately know that this is the case.


Positive Inspection Reports

Our group maintains a very open and transparent relationship with all the statutory authorities involved in Social Care. Our standards of care have led to our consistent positive inspection reports from the CQC Care Quality Commission

Individual Accolades

Within the Brookvale environment many members of our staff team have made significant individual accomplishments. These individual accomplishments range from achieving personal goals such as the completion of NVQs and other such courses to recognition from external bodies. Our staff have been formally recognized by a number of external organizations. Please check the news section to read news releases on individual accomplishments.

Our Culture

At Brookvale Healthcare, we maintain a values-based culture. The reason we have adopted these values is for them to act as a reference point for everyone, from our Managing Director to every team member working in each of our Care Homes, as to what we each aspire to every working day.


We embrace excellence in all
aspects of our service provision


We fully appreciate diversity of
people, cultures, and views


We apply ourselves completely to
every task we undertake.


The highest quality service
provision for our residents comes
from our working together


With a cohesive team, we are best
placed to ensure we meet our
Philosophy of Care

Why Join?

As a major provider of care in the South East, Brookvale Healthcare has built a reputation for excellence among professionals in all aspects of the healthcare industry.

Though having grown organically over the years, we offer the opportunity to join a highly specialised team of dedicated care employees, talented caterers, and hard working ancillary staff, all working together under the direction of a highly qualified and experienced Care Manager. Further support can be expected from Head Office in the form of a Manager of Operations, a dedicated Care Services Manager or Nursing Officer, in addition to inhouse Financial, Human Resources and Legal teams.

We have recently introduced the end of year Brookvale Healthcare Awards Ceremony, which in 2006 was held at the prestigious grounds of Hampshire County Cricket team, the Rose Bowl. Not only a celebration of the festive season, the purpose of this independently judged event is to recognise excellence, reward loyalty, and to recompense outstanding achievements seen in the course of the year. We truly value the contribution of each of our team members and the Awards Ceremony goes a little way towards showing our appreciation.

Other locations have included The Grand Habour Hotel, Southampton and for our next celebration of 30 years, we will visit the new Hilton at the AGEAS Bowl in early 2016.


Our employees play a crucial role in ensuring our business success. We value extremely highly each and every one of our team members and, consequently, we hold the professional development of our employees to be of paramount importance, regardless of whether your work involves caring, catering, household, or other ancillary responsibilities.

We recognise that it is only with the appropriate training and professional development opportunities that we can ensure each of our team members is able to advance their career to the fullest extent possible. That recognition is partly why we have achieved the Investors in People standard in most of our Care Homes, with the final few Homes projected to have attained the standard in the next few months.

The kinds of professional development you could expect to receive as an employee of Brookvale Healthcare fall into four broad categories: induction, on-the-job, in-house, and external.

Diversity & Equal

At Brookvale Healthcare, we actively look to cultivate a diverse workforce. We recognise that our diversity contributes significantly to our reputation for excellence in the marketplace. Each Care Home based team specifically looks to align the skills and experience of each team member to realise their maximum potential and to contribute fully to the success of our business.

In order to create these conditions, Brookvale Healthcare is committed to ensuring that each employee, candidate, client, or supplier is treated fairly and with respect, and will not be subject to unlawful discrimination, either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of gender, race (including colour, nationality or ethnic origin), disability, sexual orientation, marital status, part time status, age, religion or belief. In relation to employment matters, this commitment applies to areas including, but not limited to:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training
  • Promotion and career development opportunities

In relation specifically to recruitment and selection, Brookvale Healthcare actively promotes equality of opportunity for all, and welcomes applications from a wide range of candidates. We select candidates for interview on the basis of their skills, qualifications and experience alone, and we recruit only on the basis of merit.

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